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Ready to get yourself in the spooky mood with some scary games to play? Creep through mazes, avoid the ghosts, and fight the zombies, vampires and other creatures of the night along the way. If you want something to give you the chills or to test yourself to see how long you can keep your cool, you've come to the right place. More scary games for you to play will be added regularly all year round. Look for the HOT tag for staff recommended games.

Reemus and Liam learn the evil plans of the Gygax and death slugs and must stop them at any cost!
Play Several Journeys of Reemus 3: Know Thy Enemy
Jigsaw has trapped you and 2 others in a horrific puzzle, and you must save them before someone dies a horrible death!
Play Saw 4: Trapped
A new puzzle adventure! Help Hector find the lost treasure of the Black Sea!
Play Phantom Mansion II - The Black Sea
The final chapter of the Spectrum of Souls. Will Hector be able to release all the trapped souls?
Play Phantom Mansion - Black Sanctum
Hector's locked in the Violet Vault. Will you be able to safely crack its code and make it out alive?
Play Phantom Mansion - Violet Vault
With monsters and Death Slugs roaming the land, Reemus and Liam seek out the all-knowing parasite for answers.
Play Several Journeys of Reemus 2: All-knowing Parasite
Beware of the Jester in the dungeon depths. He'll make your side split if he catches you!
Play Phantom Mansion - Indigo Dungeon
One of the scariest games to play online. The walls are painted with blood and body parts are scattered on the floor. What are you gonna do?
Play Exmortis
Your brother's soul is trapped in his house and you must face the horror and free him.
Play Goliath the Soothsayer
After getting summoned by the King, Reemus & Liam embark on a journey to the Royal Palace. Unfortunately things don't go as smoothly as planned...
Play Several Journeys of Reemus 1: The Royal Journey
Will you waltz through these puzzles? If not you can just use the arrow keys like everyone else.
Play Phantom Mansion - Blue Ballroom
Reemus and his sidekick Liam the purple bear embark on a mission to destroy a local ant colony infestation.
Play Several Journeys of Reemus Prologue: Lair of the Ant Queen
Play a masterpiece in the art of puzzling! Snag the souls and free yourself, foo!
Play Phantom Mansion - Green Gallery
An alien parasite crashes to Earth. Help it wreak havoc through its new surroundings.
Play The Visitor
Escape from the terrible Yellow Tower, where they've got Hector wrapped up like a hotdog in a bun.
Play Phantom Mansion - Yellow Tower
A realistic, horrifying treck through a zombie infested building to hopefully make it to the helicopter on the roof.
Play Desolation 2: Bunker of Fear
You've got your revenge for your murder, but now you must return to hell to get some answers on why he killed you...
Play Halloween Hunt 2: Return to Hell
More horrifying puzzles await! Senior mouthless needs some help solving puzzles.
Play Phantom Mansion - Orange Library
You awake chained down in a madman's house. Can you escape before he comes back to kill you?
Play Psai
Dare you enter the Phantom Mansion? Chapter 1 of the Spectrum of Souls Series.
Play Phantom Mansion - Red Chamber
Souls in hell get a second chance at life, but your job as a demon is to send them back quickly.
Play Reincarnation - A Demon's Day Out (ADDO)
Navigate your crow through the tricky tunnels of hell in this noir game of skill.
Play A Crow in Hell
Travel through the dark lands of the White Warlock in this isometric view puzzle adventure game.
Play Grave Shift
Pumpkin armies are on the rise! No worries; you've got a shotgun and a pickup truck to take care of them with.
Play Zombie Pumpkin Drive-By
Johnson is scared of ghosts but all this one wants to do is guide him to safety!
Play Look Out Mr Johnson!
Make your way through the never-ending hordes of undead zombies. Earn upgrades and equipment.
Play Zombie Survival: Outbreak
Thousands of zombies are walking your town streets. No one survived. Find the source of the walking dead & eliminate it!
Play Explomaniac
Rock endless waves of zombies with buzzsaws and crossbrows on your skateboard. Skate or die!
Play Zombieland: Bonesnap Blvd
Jack-o-lantern guide with a scary little "surprise" for you ;)
Play How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro
Fight off zombies from behind your barricade, and find survivors to help you battle.
Play The Last Stand
Everyone has turned into horrible creatures, and now it's every mutant for himself! Side-scrolling slime-squirting fun
Play Squirt Man
Defend your witch's tower by doing very nasty, vile things to the mob of peasants.
Play Witch-Hunt: Nooboo Mary
Side-scrolling zombie-slaying action.
Play Zombie Kill Adventure
Sling yourself to the candy, but watch out for the evil ghosts and pumpkins trying to stop you.
Play Slingoween
Switch & match 3-in-a-row puzzle with a Halloween theme.
Play Halloween Puzzle
Cruise down the street toward oncoming traffic in Creepytown in this zany racing game.
Play Halloween Ride
Cause as much beheading havoc as you can as the headless horseman.
Play Headless Havoc
Every ghost and monster alive wants to get you for some reason. You'd better get to shooting.
Play Hallowscream
Click groups of Halloween icons to destroy them before they reach the top in this puzzle game.
Play Halloween Hatchlings
You're on the hunt for a specific zombie to kill in this "Where's Waldo" style game.
Play Hidden Zombie
Scare the crap out of your friends with this popular shocking maze game.
Play Scary Maze Game
Play as Death himself putting in another day at the office taking care of "business".
Play Orchestrated Death
Guide the undead hero to equip powerful weapons and fight evil to avenge his death!
Play Halloween Hunt
Find the keys to escape the haunted mansion, but watch out for ghosts and black cats!
Play Haunted House
Help Ramona and her friends escape the cemetary and creepy house.
Play Cemet'ry Gates
Sent to clean up the building, you'll find more than bugs needing extermination!
Play Desolation - The Stages of Anxiety
A halloween themed slot machine. Match up skulls, bats, graveyards, and pumpkins to win big money.
Play Halloween Slot Machine
Save the scary old villa from the evil menace.
Play Tophat Villa
Solve the mystery with Shaggy and Scooby without getting totally scared out of your mind.
Play Scooby Doo - Ghost Pirate Attacks
Find items in the graveyard to help you face your fears and overcome being scared of the dark.
Play Nightmares - Broken Bone's Complaint
Deady is evil itself in plush form. Run through the graveyard smacking down demon bats, freakish skeletons and more.
Play Deady
It's night three. You've found other survivors but you also found more zombies. Will you make it thru the night?
Play Dead Frontier: Night Three
Blast away at "contaminated humans" (aka zombies) to escape Racoon City with your life.
Play Resident Evil: Apocalypse
The sun has set again and it's time to fight for your life in hopes of making it to the next day alive.
Play Dead Frontier: Night Two
Now it's your turn to do the scaring. Can you cause a fright before sunlight?
Play Scary Sleepover
Play hacky sack with a skull in a graveyard at midnight in this twisted skill game.
Play Skullicious

Scary Movie Reviews

10/12/08 - We checked out the scary movie Quarantine over the weekend. With the motion sickness inducing amateur camera style and tragic story arc you'd think it would have been made by the same people that made Cloverfield but it wasn't. Trapped in a building with people only a scene or two away from becoming your worst nightmare and locked in by the government to quarantine the disease, it has all the makings of a frightful experience. However, somehow I just couldn't forgot that outside the insanity affecting the 20 or so people inside, there was a normal world almost too successfully insulated from the threat. Maybe it was the fact that the reporter, police and firemen were just so unbelievable in their roles that I couldn't stay connected to their plight. Or maybe it was because I had to focus so much on not vommitting through the constantly shaking and refocusing camera shots taken by the supposedly professional cameraman. The movie's greatest success was most likely its viral advertising campaign which enticed enough people to see it to make it #1 on Friday. Though I was able to physically stomach this movie better, overall similarly styled Cloverfield was a much better execution of the style. Check out the scary Flash game for the movie.

Scary Stories

Freaks and ghouls, werewolves and spooks, beasts and horrors lurk around every corner, waiting for that feeling of safety to settle into their prey's mind so that they can strike when you are most vulnerable. Are you scared? Maybe you should be. Skeletons hunt your sanity in your nightmares and goblins lurk just out of sight waiting to bite your ankles and pull you into the depths of pain and terror. Where's Scooby Doo or Danny Phantom when you need them? They've probably been eaten alive by now! The blood curdling screams are echoing across the barren landscape as demons fly menacingly overhead plucking humans right off their feet like worms to a bird. Are you scared of the dark or afraid of the boogey man? Who knows what lurks in the shadows... Go ahead and run home, lock the door and pull the covers over your eyes, because your house is hungry, your walls have teeth and you look might tasty to it right about now. You'll be lucky if that happens before the swarms of viscious bugs gathering at your bed posts get to you first. They would feast on your flesh quicker than you can swat them away, but slowly enough to see them expose the insides of your body just before you helplessly watch as they eat out your eyes. You have no idea how scary it can get... You think this is a game? Maybe it is or maybe it isn't, but either way you're not going to want to lose to these foul creatures.

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