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Scary Game Categories

We've done our best to categorize all the scary games we have on our site, so you can find the game you're looking to play. If you're playing a game you like on our site, look at the categories under the game to see games similar to it. Here are many of the scary game categories available on

Point and Click Games - Use your mouse to click between rooms and click on items on the floor or up against the wall to learn about the mystery and experience the frightening scares waiting for you around each corner.

Phantom Mansion Games - An adventure/puzzle game series staring Hector and featuring tons of spooky rooms to solve.

Several Journeys of Reemus Games - Reemus and his buddy Liam the purple Bear take on many different Point and Click adventures in very strange lands with weird creatures. A well-animated game series by Zeebarf.

Dead Frontier Games - Top-down, realistic looking shooter games with dimly lit rooms and terrifying zombies lurking in the shadows.

Zombie Games - The dead are walking and are hungry for brains! Slay them quickly and face your fears of these moaning, stalking undead, lest you become one yourself!

Action Games - If you're into lots of running, dodging, jumping, melee fighting, sword swinging and other fast-paced action, this genre is for you.

Puzzle Games - For riddle solvers, maze lovers and puzzle masters, this is your category. Games with lots of colored tiles and icons that must be arranged just right to figure out the challenge.

Arcade Games - Easy to play games without much complication. See how long you can survive or how many points you can rack up.

Adventure Games - Explore interesting places looking for treasure, items and other secrets of the world. Usually a good mix of Action and RPG elements with a bit more of a mellow pace and simpler character progression mechanics.

RPG Games - Experience deep storylines and character development, gain experience, level up, customize your hero, obtain new weapons and ridiculously powerful armor sets.

Shooter Games - Action-based gameplay dominated by shooting guns and rifles and throwing explosives using your mouse to aim at incoming enemies.

Skill Games - Test your gaming skills with games of perfect timing and skill.

Pumpkin Games - Halloween time is filled with pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns, and lots of games feature pumpkin creatures for you to smash.

Strategy and Defense Games - Come up with the perfect strategy to defeat your opponent or defend your castle. Command your minions and lead them to victory. Deploy the right tactics at the right time and you will be hailed as the greatest leader!

Racing Games - Jump in your car and start spinning those wheels, it's racing time! Cut corners around the track and speed past other cars through the checkered finish line.

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