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Phantom Mansion is a series of free online Flash puzzle games. You play as the young and brave Hector the Spectre Detector, who must survive the scary haunted mansion by solving the various puzzles and mysteries in each area of the mansion. In Phantom Mansion's first series Spectrum of Souls, there are numerous colored doors leading to colored areas of the mansion and you have to master each room to win. The second series called Treasure of the Seven Seas has also begun. This scary puzzle franchise also has a game out there for your cell phone called Phantom Mansion Origins.

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Phantom Mansion II - The Black Sea
Phantom Mansion 2: Treasure of the Seven Seas - Chapter 1: The Black Sea (Jet) Hector was in possession of an ancient map! As he looked at the tattered parchment a small area started to glow and then form itself into the shape of an 'X'. To Hector this could only mean one thing... "Treasure!" He remembered his childhood dreams of pirates and buccaneering adventures, and grinned to himself. Bef...Puzzle2009-01-21

Phantom Mansion - Black Sanctum
Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 8: The Black Sanctum I bet you didn't know black was a color of the rainbow? It's there, you just have to squint really hard to see it. The ghosts have hidden it from the naked eye, but somehow you were able to find its door. Inside you'll have to crush some skulls to get some answers! Can you handle the truth?! I know I can't! Use your arrow ke...Puzzle2009-01-14

Phantom Mansion - Violet Vault
Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 7: The Violet Vault You look pretty in purple. That's what she said anyway. Let's hope it's true, cuz you'll need all the charm, good looks and intellect you can muster up to outwit the skeletons and foul ghouls roaming these vault levels. Use your arrow keys to help Hector navigate through the puzzle, avoiding traps, moving objects and collecting s...Puzzle2009-01-07

Phantom Mansion - Indigo Dungeon
Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 6: The Indigo Dungeon Escape the tortuous intentions of the evil ones who will not hesitate to damn your soul should you run into them. It's not too late to save them, but it's going to require some heavy box lifting, and the keys as big as your body aren't exactly light either. I hope you brought your elbow grease and puzzle-solving abilities. Use ...Puzzle2008-12-31

Phantom Mansion - Blue Ballroom
Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 5: The Blue Ballroom Welcome to the Blue Ballroom. Leave your groove at home, cuz the only one dancing around here will be the undead, possibly on your dead body if you're not careful. The music will make the hair stand on the back of your neck and isn't the kind you get jiggy to. Save some souls and maybe they'll partner up with you in return for ...Puzzle2008-12-24

Phantom Mansion - Green Gallery
Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 4: The Green Gallery Welcome to the Green Gallery. Each one of these doors contains a level of increasing difficult. Only the bravest adventurer will complete them all. Collect all the souls within each room to progress to the next. Avoid the accursed creatures that roam the chambers - one touch is enough to condemn your soul to the same fate as t...Puzzle2008-12-17

Phantom Mansion - Yellow Tower
Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 3: The Yellow Tower The ghosts really got you in a pickle this time! You're squeezed into a massively high tower only about as wide as your body and somehow you have to puzzle your way out of there. Now you'll know how Santa Claus feels coming down the chimney I guess. Just kidding, it's a bunch more puzzle levels to get through. Use your arrow key...Puzzle2008-12-10

Phantom Mansion - Orange Library
Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 2: The Orange Library Are you ready for another set of puzzle challenges facing mouthless Hector? Use your arrow keys to help Hector navigate through the puzzle, avoiding traps, moving objects and collecting skulls and keys to make your out of the maze-like mansion.Puzzle2008-12-03

Phantom Mansion - Red Chamber
Phantom Mansion I: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 1: The Red Chamber "And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death. He had come like a thief in the night. And one by one dropped the revelers in the blood-bedewelled halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall. Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all." It all became clearer -...Puzzle2008-11-29

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