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Cemet'ry Gates

Categories: Puzzle Games

A point and click game. Help Ramona and her friends escape the cemetary and the creepy house. Chapters one and two with more to follow...

Point and click on objects in the game to interact with them and solve simple puzzles to help the characters move forward in the game

Created by: Shattered Games

User comments:
LIA on 04/28/14 05:49PM said: i dont get this game!!!!!!!! rage quit
cristina on 01/26/12 10:00PM said: this damn game fukin sucks bullshit dont know wat the hell to do.......?????CRAZY ASS GAME DAMN...
htyuu445 on 11/19/11 12:35PM said: i done it yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
FUCK YOU on 08/14/11 04:15PM said: I DID IT
bad on 08/6/11 06:16PM said: fuck ass game
weskersgal44 on 07/3/11 07:02PM said: girl has umbrella closed click on her near the couch and she will turn sideways click on baseball and see what happens.
awesome15243 on 06/10/11 06:10PM said: im confused. im at the part wen the balloons on the ground. so confused
guest on 02/23/11 08:03PM said: and fly but this chpter is so confusing
SavannahBooOmg♥ on 02/3/11 01:10PM said: mwahaha finished itttttt!!!
SavannahBooOmg♥ on 02/3/11 01:08PM said: shhhhuuusssshhhhh Karassu and dana dielkes!!! you stupid a**es
SavannahBooOmg♥ on 02/3/11 01:07PM said: shut up all u retards who r cussin you just kno you want ur mommy wahwah♥
Danielle on 11/25/10 10:19AM said: wat do u dO????????
Karassu on 10/17/10 12:53AM said: I don't know what to do with the fuckin` ball, (chapter 2)
rose on 08/21/10 05:35AM said: Cant complete chap 2!!!!!-_-
katie on 08/21/10 05:27AM said: YESSSS!!! Finished chap 1!
moon on 08/4/10 08:07AM said: this game is not good regard moon
razan daived on 06/16/10 03:41PM said: what the hiillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll?????????????
dana dielkes on 05/7/10 10:52PM said: fucking stupid ass game
dana dielkes on 05/7/10 10:52PM said: this game is fuking stupid dammit
mireina on 02/23/10 08:34PM said: ssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooscary sikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkke
alex martin on 01/20/10 07:00AM said: WOW! finally finish this fucking stupid bowlshit game now i can fuck this
sankalp on 12/24/09 06:33AM said: uuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. what to doooooooooo?????????????
mayi702 on 11/2/09 01:46PM said: what the hell do you do..
marcus layton on 10/1/09 03:21PM said: where is the walk throuh
poki on 09/23/09 06:32AM said: this game is fuck bitch stupid and fuck you
Abby_Normal on 09/7/09 06:02PM said: really confusing on chapter 2. raain mouse tire swing and what???@.@

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