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Desolation 2: Bunker of Fear

Categories: Adventure Games

This game is based on Desolation 1. Even if the gameplay is diffrent and that this game is made with some pictures, the story line follow the first game. In this one, you're out to find the remedey to clear off every infected citizen. In this game, you will have at your disposal three great weapons. A M16 Assault Rifle, Glock 17 and a combat knife. Only thing, you got to find somme ammo because when you get to the bunker, there's a path of dead zombies behind you! Try to survive this intense and amazing horror - suspense flash game!

Use the mouse to interact in the game.

Created by:

User comments:
SYED SHOZAB>ZAIDI on 04/19/14 04:16AM said: what is the name and password on that damned computer can any body help pls
Rebekah on 04/7/14 01:45PM said: what the fuck is the damn code if u guys say u can easily beat it then tell me wtf is the damn code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chloe on 07/7/12 07:57PM said: This games is fucking ridiculous im not tht smart but damn!!! XD
fucker on 01/21/12 12:45AM said: im a shark im a shark im a shark suck my dick im a shark thats my song for you all people fucker go to red tube
the****ing sucker on 10/15/11 05:47AM said: ahhhh , keep stucking , do any one have a WALKTHOUGH ?????????????
Missy Marlone on 10/8/11 06:59PM said: THIS GAME SUCKS ASS IS IS SO FUCKING STUPED
Sammi on 09/3/11 02:00PM said: I liked thid game IDK whhy u guys say its boring and saying things like "its boring" or "this game sucks" or "this is so dumb" or "this game is horrible". U guys r just a bunch of trolls and u should get off the game if u don't like it and not leave snotty comments.
rob on 08/4/11 03:26AM said: this sucks assssss!!!!!!!
deeman on 06/27/11 11:55PM said: this game fuckingsuck
deeman on 06/27/11 11:55PM said: fuck this dam game fuck it
mad7747 on 06/14/11 12:47PM said: very nice game!!!!!!!
mad7477 on 06/14/11 09:13AM said: its very fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!
KOOLMAN on 02/25/11 09:50PM said: DUMBASSS
timothy miller on 12/29/10 12:35PM said: man what is the code?
timothy miller on 12/29/10 12:34PM said: man what is the code
fyredyre on 09/14/10 03:37AM said: WHAT IS THE CODE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
fyredyre on 09/14/10 03:35AM said: what is the code in door??????
nae nae on 07/26/10 01:12PM said: this game is soo damn stupid! i dnt even have time to look for the zombies!!
Pedofile on 06/27/10 01:38AM said: btw im going to a party in Keshas basement. And lady gaga is fake and gay
Pedofile on 06/27/10 01:36AM said: awww come on guys its not that bad..its realistic enough and is better than some of thoes terrible games with terrible graphics..STOP BEING DOWNERS
the_emo_kid on 06/6/10 04:15PM said: this game really suck dude
the_emo_kid on 06/6/10 04:14PM said: This game fucking suck
Afifa hashmi on 05/27/10 01:20PM said: plz email me at
rae michelle mellisa on 05/12/10 11:53PM said: whats the door code?
nae on 04/14/10 02:21PM said: hi fred how old are u
nae on 04/14/10 02:20PM said: this game dumb
tina on 01/31/10 11:09PM said: game is too boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
fred on 01/23/09 08:37AM said: this game is horable

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