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Desolation - The Stages of Anxiety

Categories: Adventure Games

This new type of game developped by our team will bring you in an amazing horror - suspense - adventure - shooting style journey. In this puzzle like - shooting game, you will play as a Pest Exterminator. You have been sent to clean up a building, but you realise something is not right at all. You'll have at your disposal over 10 well designed and different weapons to choose from. A creepy and well designed flash game!

Use the mouse to interact with the game.

Created by:

User comments:
faime on 08/6/13 02:23PM said: wow.... that wasnt even scary...
aziz on 05/1/12 12:03PM said: all these fucking games on line are bitch made stuped asholes make a better game who ever read this just buy x-box forget this dump shit games
Simran on 04/14/12 03:37AM said: is this a game or time pass they r just crazy to invent this lalu panju game lol
naijekaheah on 02/17/12 01:38PM said: there is no way out helpppp me
madyson lala on 11/12/11 07:35PM said: this seems okay but borrig a little but it is also cool
bekher on 10/24/11 11:48PM said: PLEASE DON"T GIVE NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!!
sebastian on 08/14/11 12:37PM said: que mieo en el 4 piso el hombre zombie cara sangrienta
somerandomguy on 08/12/11 09:11PM said: WHOAH!!! CRAP
preety on 08/10/11 04:21AM said: boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
olderone on 07/30/11 02:07AM said: when the zombie guy just showed up. it scared the shit out of me and my brother
EMESTEE on 05/15/11 06:07PM said: atleast theres comments to read while waiting 3YEARS for stupid game to load aahaaahaa .
Elias on 04/6/11 09:44AM said: OMG i look exactly like the guy at the main menu
Danielle on 11/24/10 04:49PM said: wasted my time playing this
audrey on 10/23/10 04:17PM said: WTF THIS GAME IS MAST
fyredyre on 09/13/10 02:22AM said: woot i got shotgun woot!
fyredyre on 09/13/10 02:03AM said: (shocking)WHAT THE FUCk iS THaT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>_
fyredyre on 09/13/10 02:02AM said: omg on dark place......
fyredyre on 09/13/10 02:01AM said: FUCKING SCARY SHOCKING ON 4TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
indon123 on 09/9/10 01:35AM said: kami ni indoon......nggak takut sama yg namanya kartun rongap...bego sih kamu...dasar goblok...
猴子900 on 09/9/10 01:34AM said: 这一点是很蹩脚。这太愚蠢。连我4岁的妹妹没有一个能 挥闪烁这个游戏。
hahahaaaa on 09/9/10 01:31AM said: astagaaa....antu rangap pun mo takut..pundan juga kamu.
bongol on 09/9/10 01:30AM said: takan kamu takut sama urang rumpang.?!bongol kamu ne..
babun on 09/9/10 01:29AM said: theres nothing scary abot tis only serves stupid things.
wethekings on 09/9/10 01:28AM said: thegame is stupid..i dunno why do u call it scary.its a lame game.
hihi on 09/8/10 11:49PM said: cant wait to play this game it takes forever to load though cant wait till i get to the 4th floor
Mary on 08/21/10 01:42PM said: very very scary game I just freaked out when i went inside the dark place on the 4th floor.
cool girl on 08/21/10 06:13AM said: OMG!!!!! Now this is what I call SCARY. I just freaked out when I went inside the dark place on the 4th floor.OH MAAN that stupid guy just bit me.Mann hes scary.A lot scarier than the other ghosts.
gobbz on 08/18/10 12:25PM said: shit stupid game but ok it was ok
secicli on 03/30/10 09:48PM said: fuckingg lamee ass game DONT PLAY ! YOU'LL JUST WASTE TIME !
lala on 03/13/10 09:49PM said: scary but awesome !!!!!!!!
Mireina on 02/22/10 09:04PM said: wow scary but love it
iliana on 02/22/10 08:36PM said: hayee wahhsuhpp second on this gamee
makaylaroyster on 10/5/09 05:51PM said: what the HELL!!!!!!!!!!!i am the first one on this game!

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