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Categories: Zombie, Action Games

Thousands of zombies are walking your town streets. No one survived. Find the source of the walking dead & eliminate it!

Move: W,A,S,D
Change weapons: Q or 1,2,3
Aim/Fire: Mouse

Created by: UGO Player

User comments:
christy on 12/18/11 07:21AM said: stupid game..not that scary
genesis on 10/2/11 02:40PM said: that was not freakin scary that was freakin g boring
shanicejohnson on 09/4/11 01:38PM said: i liked this game
tia on 06/16/09 05:25PM said: do it again
tia on 06/16/09 05:24PM said: it is scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy k.o. tell me some thing
tia on 06/16/09 05:24PM said: it's so scary but do it again k.o.

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