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Grave Shift

Categories: Graveyard, Adventure Games

The land of Fairosel has been laid to waste and the 7 thrones of the kingdom are under siege. The Ring of Warlocks has continued to pillage the countryside as their insidious leader readies himself for the final death blow. Yet out of a humble province of no repute comes a simple ditch digger who is called to save the day. With his uncanny strength and unrelenting bravery, you can join our hero, Arimose the Brave, on his frightening journey through the dark lands of the notorious White Warlock. In this puzzle adventure game with a Sokoban twist, help Arimose make his way through a gauntlet of traps, monsters, and puzzles to reclaim the stolen treasures of his liege. The reward and journey that awaits you is an adventure you don?t want to miss!

Destroy the White Warlock's Minions and reclaim King Krump's stolen treasure! Destroy the monster generators and make sure not to die of fright!

Space: fire
Arrow keys: movement
Q: quit
M: map
P: pause
T: quality

Created by: Tangerine POP Games

User comments:
ninja girl on 09/18/12 08:55AM said: boring game i had ever played
lora on 04/2/12 05:09AM said: pls load quick
michi on 03/22/12 12:27PM said: this fuking game shit is boringit get myhead and its bullshit
CHRIS LUTZN on 01/21/12 04:48AM said: D'S GAME WAS UGLY!
yo momma on 07/1/11 07:55PM said: i hate this stupid game my thing makes it get stuck this stupid ass game.
gabrelley on 03/6/11 10:18AM said: There's a lot of technique and thingking for this game, if you don't use your brain then you're gonna lose think of the stones if they are the same or not do not put the different stone in a blue light etc.
gabrelley on 03/6/11 07:45AM said: Years of loading! What a crap!
Joe on 09/27/10 12:03AM said: you guys need to learn how to spell....
Francis on 09/13/10 03:56AM said: i hate londing >:(
Francis on 09/13/10 03:56AM said: i love u guy :)
liz on 10/21/09 02:27PM said: this gavem is great but I can get past the 1st level!!!!! HELP!!!

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