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Halloween Hunt 2: Return to Hell

Categories: Pumpkin, RPG Games

October 31, 1996 - Halloween 1996. Guess how the story goes. It just happened. How can you expect such a thing? Nobody can see something like this coming. I came home, the house was cold. I went upstairs to my room. There was blood all over the walls. When I saw Isabelle on the floor, I knew it was all wrong. She was dead. Murdered. So I ran downstairs. That's where I'm writing this journal. I have to go out and find her killer...

October 31, 2006 - He stabbed me with an army knife. He stabbed me! My own father. I lost count at 27 stabs before I passed out. In the afterlife I was restless. I needed revenge on my father for what he did to Isabelle and me. I thought I was going to be tormented for all eternity for my sins with this need for revenge. But then... let's just say the higher-ups gave me a chance to go back. I must find my father and kill him.

November 1, 2006 - I took him apart. I did it. But I never knew why he did it. After I was brought back, I first wanted to pick up my life, until I remembered Isabelle was dead and I was an undead with a pumpkin for a head. Point is that I sliced my dad's head off. Now I can finally go back to search the universe of the afterlife for Isabelle and my father can rot in hell. Someday I will rest, I hope... Goodbye.

October 31, 2008 - It's been twelve years since I died for the first time and two years since the second time. Isabelle is gone somewhere. Dad is hopefully dead and I am, yet again, restless. I have been given the choice of returning to the land of the living once more and I have to. No more revenge. I just need to know why. Why would my dad do such a thing to Isabelle and me? I have to return to that hell once again.

Created by: Eviludy Entertainment

User comments:
JFG on 06/2/12 08:06AM said: so lame
vicky on 08/8/11 10:19AM said: very very boring
hailey on 06/27/10 08:00PM said: what are you suppsode to do you cant even movehim
hailey on 06/27/10 07:59PM said: dumbbbbbbbb
panda on 06/19/10 03:42AM said: this sucks!!!!!!
wolfman on 11/13/09 06:26PM said: b bo bor bori borin boring borin bori bor bo b

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