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Halloween Hunt

Categories: Pumpkin, Graveyard, RPG Games

You were killed by your father on the eve of Halloween 1996. Now it is 10 years later, Halloween 2006, and you are given a chance to redeem yourself and hunt him down. You must travel through the cemetery, mausoleum and haunted woods to find the Dark City. That is where your father currently resides. But beware! The way is guarded by three dragons and many other dangers like evil teddy bears,

Fight random battles while wandering around making your way to your destination, collecting powerful weapons to equip and fighting more and more powerful evil enemies. Guide the undead hero to avenge his death!

Use arrow keys to move the pumpkin man. Look for items laying around that you can pick up. During battle, use your mouse to choose which attack to use on your enemy.

Press ESC outside of battle buy battle skills with your halloween points. You can save from this menu as well if you are standing on a save point, which looks like a blue crystal with 8 points on the ground.

You can mute all sounds via the right-mouse menu.

Created by: Eviludy Entertainment

User comments:
r4ever on 07/11/10 06:16PM said: i swear thats final fantasy music
r4ch31 on 03/21/10 01:04AM said: dont play so gay man
dana Mahmoud on 11/8/09 06:28AM said: I can't kill Pumpkin mans dad >_
xddddddddddddd on 02/11/09 08:05AM said: xdddddddd

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