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Hidden Zombie

Categories: Zombie, Puzzle Games

It's halloween and you've decided to go out into the night and shoot yourself some zombies. The problem is you need to kill the right zombie at the right time or else bad things will happen to you (or something like that...)

Your objective is to shoot the zombie displayed in the left hand side panel. Look carefully, as there are lots of variations to each zombie (missing arms/legs, different colored pants etc). You only have a limited amount of time to ID the correct zombie otherwise it's game over dude!

Time is displayed in the left hand side blood bar next to the zombie you need to find. Look out for blood power-ups, shoot'em to get extra time (you'll need it!)

Move mouse to the right or left to scroll the screen right or left. Click on the zombie that matches the displayed zombie.

Created by: FreeWorldGroup Games

User comments:
davelovexena on 08/10/11 05:01AM said: i don't know this hahaha iam new here
the game master on 08/2/10 10:44AM said: om i'm first to play this too!! cool
the game master on 08/2/10 10:44AM said: omg i luv this game hah

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