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Look Out Mr Johnson!

Categories: Ghost, Zombie, Arcade Games

Mr Johnson is scared out of his mind by ghosts, but it's not your fault you turned into a nasty pink fanged horror when you died. All you want to do is guide him to safety from the other flesh eaters who are the meaner (and hungrier) variety of undead, but the only way you can save your friend is to use his fear to keep him out of harm's way. That and snacking on zombies along the way...

Click above him to make him duck dangers from above. Click in front of him to make him turn around if he really should be going the other way. Click below him to make him jump to help him over deadly pits. Press A when your pink ghosty is over a baddie to eat him (yummy) or when over obstacles to knock them out of the way.

Created by: Exot Working

User comments:
Cool on 10/30/12 01:50PM said: this is so freakin complicated
patrick on 08/20/12 02:53AM said: hahaha...its fo amaizing..I like it..
reddevilz on 07/17/12 08:26AM said: ckckck
misfittink on 07/3/12 01:11AM said: how do u play this game.i suck at it.
EMILY on 05/22/12 06:26AM said: this rock the house!! dude if u hate it go f**k a donkey SORRY :( ;
tuel67 on 03/20/11 03:06AM said: lol XD
SavannaBoo♥ on 02/2/11 07:53PM said: yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah i luv tis website it be rokin all ova da place
SavannaBoo♥ on 02/2/11 07:52PM said: heyheyhey peoplezzz! tis web-site rox! yeah yeah yeah ♥♥♥☻
Aunik on 11/19/10 10:31AM said: hi hi hi
Aunik on 11/19/10 10:28AM said: hi hi hi
fyredyre on 09/18/10 12:32AM said: better safe that sorry...better safe that sorry...better safe that sorry...better safe that sorry.......... THIS SUck!
fyredyre on 09/14/10 04:02AM said: mamy mamy mamy mom mom mamy (in fast) WHAT!!!! hi...
Vgirl on 06/21/10 11:11PM said: Sux

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