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Orchestrated Death

Categories: Point & Click Games

Your task is quite simple, but trouble indeed
To induce death upon many matters not their creed
Regardless of nature, both young & old
In no specific pattern, only doing as told
Composing a masterpiece with each victim's breath
What was thought natural cause, was really Orchestrated Death

Play as Death himself out on another day on the job. No connection between victims, just ruthless (and entertaining) murder in an arcadish point and click puzzle style game.

Use your mouse to point and click on different things in each scene to cause each victim's demise.

Created by: Highwitamic Productions

User comments:
edwardo on 12/17/13 09:32PM said: How about you all suck my cock while i give you anal?
Skylah Jones on 08/5/13 04:12PM said: Haha I finished all three levels in 1 minute
Amanda on 12/6/12 09:02PM said: beat chapter 1 is there a chapter two? Not freaking doing anything now
dyl,dom,leah on 10/3/12 09:26PM said: level 2, suuuccckkksss ,help me I am only 9
tony on 06/1/12 06:56PM said: 11 beat that
fdh on 05/20/12 12:32AM said: you shoot him with a gun
PRATHAM on 04/7/12 06:22AM said: FUCK OF THE BITCH GAME
Anthony on 03/9/12 12:50AM said: takes so long
voodoogal on 02/17/12 10:27AM said: how do you get off chapter one?
Demon on 01/26/12 02:31AM said: Во втором уровне надо открыть холодильник нажать на фрукты стоящие на холодильнике и они перенесутся на стол положить один фрукт в миксер и когда он будет его доставать нажать на миксер а дальше сами поймете...А КАК ПРОЙТИ ТРЕТИЙ УРОВЕНЬ?
bloody mary on 12/29/11 01:03PM said: try five suckers
FLIPPY78 on 12/15/11 10:56PM said: HAH I GET 57 BEAST IN A ROW
bloody mary on 12/14/11 04:46PM said: this game is FUN!!!!
ash on 11/15/11 07:05AM said: yay yay 2 secs wat
aaron on 10/10/11 08:27PM said: 10 secs
daniel on 09/20/11 08:04AM said: how do u get to level 2?
isaac on 09/1/11 06:08AM said: yes haha fuck.......................
MeHelp on 06/17/11 06:52PM said: Ch1: Click on the wire in thr right. Right after he stood up click at the Pistol on the zable. Now once more click the wire. Again after he stood up, this time click on the "keys". After they fell down, click at them one more time. Now watch the scenario and until he is knocked out. Click a last time at the pistol. Done.
raven on 06/16/11 09:31AM said: how do u get out of the room on level 1?
raven on 06/16/11 09:30AM said: how do u get out of the room on level1
....... on 06/14/11 04:37AM said: guyz I cant do chapter 2
....... on 06/14/11 04:36AM said: guyz how could we finish chapter 2
mashi7l on 06/10/11 03:42AM said: hae does anyone know muj bowt command prompt if thae do contact me at
mashi7l on 06/10/11 03:41AM said: haha fukaz 5secz beat that
cupkake 92 on 06/8/11 10:16AM said: this game is fun
cupkake 92 on 06/8/11 10:15AM said: how do u get paased levil 1
isaac on 05/28/11 04:51AM said: ah eminewal is fauking woard a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brezzybre3 on 05/17/11 03:19PM said: this is a fucking fun game and yall some fucking childish kids!!!!!!!!!!!! bithes
shaker10 on 04/27/11 02:31PM said: this is gay i cant get the stupid chef 2 die! im 10 wat do u expect?
shaker10 on 04/27/11 02:31PM said: this is gay i cant get the stupid chef 2 die! im 10 wat do u expect?
Gingerkidd on 04/22/11 01:07PM said: 15 seconds assholes hahahahah!!!!!!!
tuel67 on 03/20/11 03:41AM said: YAY!!! 10 sec :D :D :D :D ;D ;)
i wuv yuu on 03/19/11 01:27PM said: 7:45:96 was my time . . . . . .i no im bad :.(
i wuv yuu on 03/19/11 01:27PM said: 7:45:96 thts was my time
zombieshagger3333355 on 02/23/11 04:51AM said: hollo 16 sexened wer son fa ca
zombieshagger3333355 on 02/23/11 04:51AM said: sahg fgdfh
zombieshagger3333355 on 02/23/11 04:48AM said: 16 seconds beat that fukers
zombieshagger3333355 on 02/23/11 04:47AM said: 16 secs beat that fuckers hahaha
SavannahBooOmg♥ on 02/3/11 01:33PM said: your task is quite simple, but trouble indeed, to induce death opon many matters, not their creed, reguardless of nature, both young an old, in no specific pattern, just doing as told, composing a masterpeice with each victoms breath, what was thought of natral cause, was only Orchestrated Death
SavannahBooOmg♥ on 02/3/11 01:26PM said: it probably took u ppl who r saying beat tht about oh idk....5 hrs!
SavannahBooOmg♥ on 02/3/11 01:24PM said: i will beat tht LOSER LAME RETARD DUMBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!
lasia on 11/12/10 07:46PM said: I BEAT IT IN 20 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!! BEAT THAT LOSERS......
SHIVA ! on 10/7/10 05:57AM said: YO ! FUcKING ASSCHICKS !!! I COMPLETED THE GAME IN only 59 seconds!! BEAT THAT ASSes
fyredyre on 09/15/10 04:09AM said: SO EASYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD
fyredyre on 09/15/10 04:08AM said: lllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllll -.-
sarah on 09/2/10 06:14PM said: its soooooooooo scaryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hilp beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
the game master on 08/2/10 10:41AM said: I DID this is 1 minute and 32 seconds can you BEAT that???
hailey on 06/27/10 08:57PM said: it was a little bit hard but i bethe whole game in 12 minutes
hannah on 06/27/10 08:57PM said: it was fun to play try it
mr f87 on 06/19/10 05:52PM said: on lvl 3 you click the lure then click the guy with hat keys where his bottom is then open box click it then click knife the click the anchor where the the chair is then click badly headthen click engine now click snake bottem right corner
IbeatallofyouWUSSES on 03/16/10 09:13PM said: mine was 1 min and 55 seconds so YOU beat that
ANGLE EYES 101 on 03/12/10 06:25PM said: It take me 1 min and 88 seconds :) beat that :)(not being mean but you can beat that if t=you can) ^-^
ANGLE EYES 101 on 03/12/10 06:22PM said: Love this game you can play this game on it's sooo cool the website is so cool you make your profile and mack new friends :)
vva on 01/17/10 07:19PM said: ok game in 5 min i finsh my frist time play to
Dallas on 01/8/10 03:40PM said: this game is soo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle on 01/8/10 12:23PM said: how do we get passed the boat part?
Darius on 12/24/09 09:36PM said: Ha!Passed it SUCKERS.Easy
big knockers on 12/23/09 08:46PM said: titties
andrew on 12/20/09 01:08AM said: level 3 iz esy
Adam L on 10/23/09 07:39AM said: VERY EASY GAME
darryl on 09/30/09 04:21PM said: this game is fun at level one but then u cant do anything in level two. its fun but only for a limited and short time
UrWorstNightmare on 09/29/09 05:42AM said: if ur dumb and dont know how to start press 5 then 1 -_-
death bringer on 09/20/09 08:33PM said: need help on level 3
lolil on 07/31/09 12:20PM said: diz game iz tite fo lol
Kennialisse on 07/29/09 09:16PM said: im stuck on level 2. can any1 know how past level 2???
roma on 06/28/09 09:29AM said: What do u do after the fat man get electricuted?
mikey on 06/17/09 01:39PM said: whats it mean 5 coins
mikey on 06/17/09 01:38PM said: it wont let me play
sam on 06/12/09 11:46PM said: help on lvl 3 plz
ricky ramos on 06/2/09 08:59PM said: im stuck on level 3
aiden a on 04/20/09 11:36AM said: good game but shame theres only 3 levles hopefully bring out a longer one i give it 4/5
slayer on 04/6/09 08:03PM said: i cant do lvl 1. im bad. help
sammy on 03/6/09 11:03AM said: on level 2 you have to open the refrigerator and click the fruit bowl and then put the fruit into the blender and click the blender while the chefs hands are in it then get the pans and whack him over the head and then drag the chef across the floor and then click the knife and then click the chef again
Josh on 02/23/09 08:08PM said: Im stuck on level 2
Josh on 02/23/09 08:06PM said: Im stuck on level 2
Elias Rosales on 02/2/09 07:59PM said: what next after first level with fat guy
Gillian on 01/23/09 06:56PM said: This game is boring
Gillian on 01/23/09 06:55PM said: This game is very boring

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