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Phantom Mansion II - The Black Sea

Categories: Phantom Mansion, Puzzle Games


Phantom Mansion 2: Treasure of the Seven Seas - Chapter 1: The Black Sea (Jet)

Hector was in possession of an ancient map! As he looked at the tattered parchment a small area started to glow and then form itself into the shape of an 'X'. To Hector this could only mean one thing... "Treasure!" He remembered his childhood dreams of pirates and buccaneering adventures, and grinned to himself. Before any thoughts of danger or stupidity had a chance to take hold, a ship appeared from the ghostly fog. Hector was nervous but also excited about the adventure that lay ahead of him. He tucked the map safely under his jacket, took a deep breath, and stepped onto the gangplank...

Use your arrow keys to help Hector navigate through the puzzle, avoiding traps, moving objects and collecting skulls and keys to make your out of the maze-like mansion.

Created by: Gimme 5 Games

User comments:
hunee on 10/22/11 04:43PM said: this game is so lame
gina on 10/20/11 07:15AM said: what the fuck man better next time befor you poss your bludy game better play it fist......
saghar on 08/4/11 09:33AM said: fuck these games they dont load
lasia on 11/12/10 07:48PM said: WHAT ALL THAT FOR NOTHIN!!!!!!!!! IT DOSENT WORK THiS GAMES SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
jack on 06/30/10 08:30AM said: man who made this game i6ts the worst game eva!!!!!!!!
jimmy on 11/26/09 01:17AM said: what??
mickey on 07/18/09 09:08AM said: it dosnt work
libby punk rocker on 01/21/09 03:15AM said: all fo these games offence but ther not scary ¬¬ soz

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