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Phantom Mansion - Blue Ballroom

Categories: Phantom Mansion, Puzzle Games


Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 5: The Blue Ballroom

Welcome to the Blue Ballroom. Leave your groove at home, cuz the only one dancing around here will be the undead, possibly on your dead body if you're not careful. The music will make the hair stand on the back of your neck and isn't the kind you get jiggy to. Save some souls and maybe they'll partner up with you in return for your help.

Use your arrow keys to help Hector navigate through the puzzle, avoiding traps, moving objects and collecting skulls and keys to make your out of the maze-like mansion.

Created by: Gimme 5 Games

User comments:
SavannaBooOmg♥ on 02/2/11 08:57PM said: freakkkkkkkkkingggggg boring god it aint even scary! ur rite Danielle!♥♥♥
SavannaBooOmg♥ on 02/2/11 08:55PM said: Havnt played it yet imma see if its boring or not!!!
Danielle on 11/25/10 10:29AM said: wows and borring

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