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Phantom Mansion - Indigo Dungeon

Categories: Phantom Mansion, Puzzle Games


Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 6: The Indigo Dungeon

Escape the tortuous intentions of the evil ones who will not hesitate to damn your soul should you run into them. It's not too late to save them, but it's going to require some heavy box lifting, and the keys as big as your body aren't exactly light either. I hope you brought your elbow grease and puzzle-solving abilities.

Use your arrow keys to help Hector navigate through the puzzle, avoiding traps, moving objects and collecting skulls and keys to make your out of the maze-like mansion.

Created by: Gimme 5 Games

User comments:
dasdasd on 08/6/12 11:09PM said: adasdsadsadas
Logan5 on 06/25/12 01:36PM said: I love the Phantom Mansion games I hope they make more of them.
saghar on 08/4/11 09:37AM said: fuck all of these games
just chillax12 on 07/9/09 07:24PM said: lame
corey taylor on 06/4/09 06:23PM said: wow this games terrible

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