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Phantom Mansion - Yellow Tower

Categories: Phantom Mansion, Puzzle Games


Phantom Mansion 1: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 3: The Yellow Tower

The ghosts really got you in a pickle this time! You're squeezed into a massively high tower only about as wide as your body and somehow you have to puzzle your way out of there. Now you'll know how Santa Claus feels coming down the chimney I guess. Just kidding, it's a bunch more puzzle levels to get through.

Use your arrow keys to help Hector navigate through the puzzle, avoiding traps, moving objects and collecting skulls and keys to make your out of the maze-like mansion.

Created by: Gimme 5 Games

User comments:
alondra on 11/19/11 04:46PM said: this game is soooooooooooooo boring !!!!
mayi702 on 11/2/09 02:06AM said: this is gay as me guys.

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