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How would you feel to wake up in a demented killer's house, tied down by a chain with only the objects around you to escape? What if you had a limited time to free yourself before you get killed? How would you react? Play this suspenseful game of skill and speed, if you dare, and prove you have nothing to fear!!

Use the mouse to inspect the rooms and interact with objects. Use your inventory to store and select items that will help you escape.

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User comments:
heybuggyman on 05/16/14 07:39AM said: is this game for real there's more on
purla on 12/26/13 05:59AM said: hohohohohoho thank you santa
Dark Tomorrow on 12/1/13 10:34PM said: How da fuck do you find the damn code to the freaking safe?!?!
Issac on 08/8/13 07:16PM said: It's not fucking loading
Eve on 02/22/13 10:56AM said: god this game is good:D finally
mhickey on 02/17/13 05:41AM said: what is the mad a fucking code??,.........
Cheyenne on 10/20/12 05:31PM said: what is the code??????????????????????????????????????????????????
cris on 07/11/12 01:11AM said: wats the code this game sucks
Tazzy :) on 06/19/12 07:53PM said: what is the combination to the lock in the kitchen ?
Isabel on 06/9/12 07:15PM said: how do I find out the codeeeeee??
hbfugvi on 06/4/12 08:54AM said: this better than sex games
Daze670 on 06/3/12 11:46PM said: Dis game is so fuken hard
gagaro on 05/25/12 11:33PM said: how can i play this fukin game...bullshiiiitttt
LaBlahLa on 04/3/12 05:00PM said: How do yhu unlock the friqqin code... and why does the stupid guy sound like Barney am i abt to get murdered by a giant purple dinosaur?
sarah on 03/30/12 03:04PM said: what the hell is the code?
WhoYueFinnaTry on 03/17/12 11:58AM said: oWW hELL yEAHH eSCAEE nn Completed So Easyy
hibino tsubaki on 02/11/12 10:40AM said: its so easy mean haha
yomama on 02/11/12 06:09AM said: find crow bar on floor use crow bar to break glass take the axe get out get knife to cut rope get key to open the silver lock then get stethoscope to open the safe..i dont know the code but u gotta hurry he's there
Dissapointed on 02/9/12 04:43AM said: And had such a debilitating obsession with his own hands mixed with ADD that was so fucking stupid that he could be strangled with a cordless phone, either that or the game was made by a clueless retard. I mean seriously, I was trying to get my character to get the fuses, then get the cord, put the fuses in, plug in the cord, etc... instead he is sitting there "DAH OK, get fuse, thenHAND HAND HAND HAND HAND!!!! I LOVE MY HANDS HAAAAAANNNNDS!! What? Move my ass or Im going to get killed? oh yeah, Ok get the cord, plug it in, and then plug the compuHANDS HANDS HAND HANDS HANDS!!! IM GOINNA STOP WHAT IM DOING AND LICK MY HANDS!!!! OH NO, THE KILLER GOT ME!! HOW UNEXPECTED!" Maybe the game should be redone so the character isnt a parkinsons addled retard with a creppy hand fetish.
Dissapointed on 02/9/12 04:39AM said: Mediocre at best. It wouldn't have been so bad if it were designed by someone who knew what the fuck they were doing. I mean either the character was a retarded guy who was bobbing around on liquid floors
mikhail on 12/1/11 12:16AM said: dam soo hard i wanna try and take of the chain
Sarah on 11/20/11 04:07PM said: Ohh you're trying to escape? That's..just unacceptable.
Sarah on 11/20/11 04:03PM said: Oh you're trying to escape. Oh thats...just unexceptable..
Phillip on 08/31/11 10:08PM said: THIS GAME FUCKING SUCKS ASS.
mmm on 08/16/11 03:09PM said: OMG it is soooooo scaryy but i dont no how to play
preety on 08/5/11 06:26AM said: its fine not bad
KENTU T on 07/14/11 03:24AM said: ngmng apa sih lu pada? gue ga ngerti.. lo gila gue gila.. so,,lo gue end!!
KENTU T on 07/14/11 03:23AM said: ehh. pada ngomong apa sih lo smua!? ga ngerti guee.. serah apa kata lo deh! gue belom main lho!
weskersgal44 on 07/3/11 07:12PM said: after several tries i found some kind of hook under the corpes,used it to break glass and reach ax and used ax to break chains but still stuck with rope around my wrists.
Robin Ass on 06/30/11 09:43AM said: At Room 3 I connect the PC but dont know what to do,time is to short
hoodlover on 06/23/11 09:12PM said: man thismgame kinda go hard because its realistic,,i think ima survive if theres more that timing making me mad and u aint lieing bout them hands in the way lol good game though and the answers are given to u dumm peple cant even cuzz right wow...god bless yall,,,,
cloverrrrrr on 06/19/11 04:48PM said: what the fuck how do u pass? what type of stupid prick wuld make a game like that there are people in thoses types of situations who would get killed or who might esscape its not a game its life and its serounce
fish on 06/12/11 05:43PM said: this game is a wats of time and i mean really its sooo stupiud
slayer on 04/16/11 07:34PM said: fuck this game how dooo u pass it
slayer on 04/16/11 07:33PM said: this is a piece of shit how do u pass it
rocker on 03/17/11 10:26PM said: wat da hell????? how can i win this game? this game sucks!!!
ellie on 03/11/11 08:23AM said: i don't wanna play this game again in my life,go to hell u scumbag killer,i will kill you.
ellie on 03/11/11 08:21AM said: oh!my god this is such a shit.
bluestar on 03/2/11 03:10PM said: this game is really suck
POWEFULL on 02/25/11 09:44PM said: WOOOOOOOOOOI FUK !!!!!!!!!!!
POWEFULL on 02/25/11 09:38PM said: PSAI SUXK
John on 12/6/10 10:41PM said: Wtf is He holding??
SoFunny on 11/27/10 01:38PM said: HAHA at when you die: "Are you trying to escape? That is unacceptable." XD
kickass on 10/17/10 10:22AM said: how do u win
kickass on 10/17/10 10:17AM said: use the crow bar to get the ax
plzzfuckme on 10/4/10 09:04PM said: hay any1 wanna fuck me heres my email
fyredyre on 09/18/10 12:18AM said: THIS GAME IS i love it lol
random person on 09/10/10 07:05PM said: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????
mikey5014 on 08/24/10 06:00PM said: that shet was sick, u guys that say this game sucks and that u dont know how to do it, well then click on walkthrough u idiots. i got through room 1 by myself but then i need help on the rest, ftw
Kristen on 08/20/10 06:58AM said: OHHHHH!!! I nearly won but the fucking maniac got me. TT_TT
HOT GIRL ROCKING on 08/3/10 12:06AM said: SO DOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ADAM THE GREAT haha on 07/3/10 12:46PM said: stupid people couldnt play any games...............................
katie on 06/25/10 09:06PM said: i cant find the crowbar like wtf is this game about how u play
shaza on 06/23/10 10:04PM said: Its too dark and there's nothing on the ground except for the stufed crowbar like seriously
shaza on 06/23/10 10:03PM said: I only got the crow bar and you can't reach any thing else what the hell
RAZAN DAIVED on 06/16/10 03:26PM said: the game is sooososososo suck
RAZAN DAIVED on 06/16/10 03:25PM said: THE GAME IS SO SUCK
yuna_kaiser07 on 06/7/10 08:44AM said: A lil bit scary!
lmaolmao on 06/5/10 04:47PM said: WHERE THE FUCK IS THE CODE LOL lmao this game is so bad it's good, I feel like whoever made it is just trolling everybody
hanae on 06/4/10 02:22PM said: this game is great
fyhfnhtrhtgvnfhgbytn on 05/28/10 06:14AM said: this games is so fucking shit i hope it goes 2 helll
adrieana on 05/23/10 03:37PM said: what the fuckk niggas this is a fucking shame
adrieana on 05/23/10 03:36PM said: what the fuck!
SHAMEKA on 03/20/10 01:08AM said: DIZ DUMB AZZ SHIT
Logan on 03/9/10 05:58PM said: This Did Suck
[deleted] on 02/5/10 03:04PM said: [deleted]
Emmmmmmm on 01/29/10 09:44PM said: Kind of buggy and not a whole lot of room to manuvuer. And I really don't like how it's not possible to beat it before time runs out you just have to get more and more information every time you play
YaMum on 01/20/10 01:48AM said: ....what the foo? I couldnt see anything! then random murderer guy comes in and kills me! ass holes...they should at least turn the friggen lights on...
maz on 01/4/10 01:28AM said: how 2 use the stetoscope????
maz on 01/4/10 01:26AM said: its harD!!
maz on 01/4/10 01:26AM said: its hard!
penis licker on 12/12/09 03:29PM said: i like penis
annerley on 10/23/09 06:25AM said: does it cost ?:/
KAYBEE on 10/12/09 04:53AM said: LAME ASS GAME
KAYBEE on 10/12/09 04:53AM said: WHY?
honeystarpunk09 on 10/1/09 11:26AM said: well.....i guess ai m d best is my on kirthi..........yeah.............
lil liv on 09/27/09 08:14PM said: i hate it u cant get ANY time and is is just messed up
anna penis on 09/23/09 06:28AM said: fuck this game
anna penis on 09/23/09 06:28AM said: fuck this game
jonny on 09/20/09 07:44PM said: this is gay i hate it i hope it goes to hell
TAndL on 09/3/09 07:27PM said: the time limit is too short, it get's really annoying, and what the hell is he carrying?
fdvdfv on 08/4/09 02:23PM said: hotel 626 rules!
ROSHELL on 08/1/09 10:05PM said: TRAGEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nasda on 07/19/09 10:46AM said: Fuck you this game sucks Play and set clock to 6 hotel 626 is owning this sht
Badfleets on 06/11/09 08:08AM said: Fuck You Killer I Get Out Now HAAAAAAAAAAA
Billiard Store89 on 06/11/09 08:04AM said: Now This Game Sucks ICan't Go Out Move Along Im Killing This Killer Out
katie on 05/30/09 05:54AM said: how the fuck do u get the rope of
buggy on 05/19/09 05:45AM said: WTF this is gay as
nikia on 02/25/09 02:41PM said: this game sucks ass i did not get out but the video at the ent is CRAP !!!
Eric on 02/5/09 09:56PM said: I escaped. Lame. Real lame. Buggy. Lame and stupid.
Eric on 02/5/09 09:43PM said: The game sucks. You look at anything on the ground and your hands get in the way. It is so dark you can't see half the things you are supposed to interact with.
Chaindog on 01/20/09 06:12PM said: **** this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
punk rocker on 01/13/09 03:10AM said: YAY GOOD GAME!!rock on dudes!wuv libby!xx

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