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How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro

Categories: Pumpkin, Skill Games

How good are your Pumpkin carving skills? Practice your Jack-o-lantern making skills without making a mess.

You've seen those pumpkins whose carvings intricately depict the face of Dracula, a spooky grave yard, or a blood-curdling face. This flash game will show you how to get the same precise results using regular house-hold items! The object of the game is to create your own carved pumpkin for Halloween, just take and hold the knife with your mouse.

Press the left mouse button and follow the dotted line....Enjoy! HINT: This game is not for the faint hearted people!

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User comments:
leah on 02/10/14 12:09PM said: o my gosh this this is the most scaryest game ever
sara on 12/16/13 10:16AM said: It was really scary.One day my couzen came and played the game when the pumpkin screamed I screamed.
cora on 10/29/13 05:58AM said: what is wrong with you
arceellla on 11/11/12 06:42PM said: i love this it scared my ex friend serina and i just started to bust up this game is scrapen awsome
dave on 10/31/12 08:34AM said: SPOOKY
alex on 10/8/12 03:31PM said: this is boring
alex on 10/8/12 03:29PM said: this shit crazy as fuck
fiercegothrock on 09/14/12 02:39PM said: im stuck on how to cut the top off, plz help
Ashley on 09/6/12 09:12PM said: not that scary
blkehc` on 09/1/12 04:00PM said: boreingg`
emily on 05/22/12 06:07AM said: w.t.f! music on the game it is so scary...ish NOT!!!
Cam on 01/11/12 01:13PM said: i am a bitch
ljkuyghuigy on 10/5/11 01:02PM said: stupid
SAGHAR on 08/4/11 10:04AM said: COOL
amanda klinger on 06/15/11 08:09PM said: i love you max
andy sixx on 06/15/11 08:08PM said: hey how do you play this game because i am confused hayden can you help me play this and give me directions.
briana on 06/13/11 11:30PM said: my brother was dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!in my face
briana on 06/13/11 11:29PM said: this is the scary game ever in the hole world!
briana on 06/13/11 11:28PM said: It's really funny people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
max on 11/7/10 09:24PM said: can you guys tell me how to play
max on 11/7/10 09:24PM said: cant figure out how to play!!!!
miranda on 10/27/10 08:06PM said: i love this game so much
sophie on 06/18/10 09:19AM said: scaryyyyyyyyyyyyy
danni on 06/18/10 09:19AM said: scaryyyyyyyyyyyy
Amber on 11/8/09 03:16PM said: THIS GAME IS SO HARD PLEASE TRY IT
Ian Jones on 09/24/09 07:41PM said: funny
hayden on 07/26/09 05:24AM said: sweet as bro
punky sk8r on 01/21/09 03:18AM said: awesome games it gives me a heart attack every time!! good job on this 1!

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