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Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Categories: Zombie, Shooter Games

How long can you survive the hordes of zombies coming at you?

Created by: Sony Pictures

User comments: on 12/23/12 07:42AM said: nik
emerson banasihan on 12/12/12 09:11PM said: bobito ka kasi..haha
santana on 06/2/12 02:49AM said: wtf thiis game suzz
SKITTLES on 05/16/12 12:59PM said: this game sucks.
aziz on 05/1/12 11:59AM said: this game is bull shit fuck you gay ass faget who made this game ashole beche pendeco putos wowosos
james bond on 01/19/12 08:53AM said: faltu boring game
bloody mary on 12/29/11 12:54PM said: i hate this game !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
three on 12/9/11 06:15AM said: this game is really a fuck shit
super star on 08/19/11 12:15AM said: gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
saghar on 08/4/11 09:27AM said: bbbbbbboooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggggg this game sucks
Elias on 04/6/11 09:32AM said: My mom says im cute
Never Again on 10/28/10 08:06PM said: For A Second There I Thought This Was Worth 15 Seconds Of My Time
Hassan on 10/27/10 08:10AM said: hello my name is hassan dood i dont like this game i want so scary game like the scary witch games oh! i have an idea you ave to make some scary games but not like this games because i dont like this game one day you see people give you message we dont like this game. whats that yeack i dont like it. one day you see messages i am not say lie this is the true you know why people don't like this because like this game more games like this
crystal on 10/13/10 02:59AM said: that was lame as f*ck
r4ch31 on 03/21/10 12:57AM said: this game is so gay
.:X3:. on 12/22/09 04:33PM said: lame!!!
mayi702 on 11/2/09 01:43AM said: this game is the bomb and fucking old school.
sabrina on 09/21/09 05:25PM said: RE is the bame.
Secret Agent on 05/21/09 02:20AM said: anu ba yan!!!pnu b yan la2ruin???ang pnget nman ng game na 'to

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