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Scooby Doo - Ghost Pirate Attacks

Categories: Adventure Games

No scary game collection would be complete without a Scooby Doo game! Watch short cartoon clips and then play as Shaggy and Scooby Doo in isometic view searching for items to help you get around the ship. You have to solve the mystery without getting caught by the bad guys or totally scared out of your minds. It's like a big interactive cartoon show.

Created by: Games

User comments:
takbobatangsupot on 08/6/12 10:42PM said: tang ina nitong larong to walang kwenta dapat sainyo pasabugin ang mukha tbs ang aming tatak
Kat McBurger on 03/2/12 08:53PM said: So Coo I Can Beat It Withot Being Scared Once
saghar on 08/4/11 09:48AM said: i like it i have played the other parts too
gustavo on 08/2/11 01:37PM said: adoro o scooby-doo e muito legal
megan on 07/9/11 01:35AM said: i like it i had played it before i had also played the other parts of it
joey on 04/22/11 05:34AM said: is is really fun
Aunik on 11/19/10 09:52AM said: hi hi hi
SUNEHRA on 08/25/10 06:01AM said: IM STUCK!!! TT_TT
SUNEHRA on 08/25/10 06:01AM said: IM STUCK!!! TT_TT
bad boi on 07/2/10 01:58AM said: dis game freakin sux it ends wit 2 b continuied
fay on 06/30/10 06:54AM said: i am about to play
fay on 06/30/10 06:54AM said: i am abuot to begin!!!!
malex on 06/28/10 08:23AM said: elizabeth at the last room your target is to get out of there from the next door without the pirate to see you. when the pirate doesn't look at your side u have to move quickly and get under those tables or what they are anyway to hide from him. u must be careful :)
malex on 06/28/10 08:21AM said: elizabeth at the last room you have to get out of this room from the next door. you have to hide under those tables when the pirate doesn't look at your side, you have to be careful and u have to move quickly
jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj on 05/26/10 02:39AM said: jjjjjjjjjj
elizabeth on 03/27/10 04:18AM said: OK! mayi702, i actually agree with you. This is nothing but 2 set you up 2 lose.
elizabeth on 03/27/10 04:16AM said: I wonder... HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET ACROSS THE PIRATE WITHOUT GETTTING CAUGHT!!!! Can anybody tell me how to do this please! :p
mayi702 on 11/2/09 01:41AM said: this game kind of sucks...fuck this shit .

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