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Zombie Kill Adventure

Categories: Zombie, Action Games

Take control of a sword weilding maniac wanting to go on a halloween zombie killing spree! Stab, slice, cut it doesnt matter! As long as they're all dead!

Arrow Keys = Movement
Space = Jump
Z = Short attack
X = Long attack
G = God Mode
P = Pause

Created by: ShirkDeio

User comments:
bohme on 01/15/11 05:52AM said: not played this game yet
senterniasontep on 08/12/10 12:09PM said: .mikhyoygyiuhbjjgyggyhhhhhgnnnnnnnnnnnn
natilli on 08/12/10 12:08PM said: thanks shriek Deio whatever your name is
miss cherry on 08/12/10 12:06PM said: could you make more games like this but quite realistic because it will a bit better. make it more scary. 1oo% scary please. so that people will get scared becuase this aint that fun or it with shadows and realistic ghost make it similiar to the ghost of welfard. make it simsiliar like that.use more exciting weapons. thank you for our conversation.mysterious

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