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Zombie Pumpkin Drive-By

Categories: Zombie, Pumpkin, Shooter Games

Every Halloween the Zombie Pumpkin armies arise in an unnamed forest south of nowhere. Each time one man and his car is ready to drive by and stop the rising evil lead by the mysteryious Zombie Pumpkin King. Get out there and knocks some pumpkin blocks off!

Shoot the evil pumpkins and spare the creepy dancing dude with the lame throw-a-sheet-over-my-head "ghost" costume. Even though he seems a little too happy about the onslaught of zombie pumpkin armies, trust us, he's an innocent human.

User comments:
hahaicanbeat this on 11/21/11 10:37PM said: wow this is eazy
buttercupfart600 on 04/1/11 07:36PM said: man thats pretty violent...but YOU SHOULD REALLY WATCH taking a poop video on youtube, ITS VIOLENT AND FUNNY :A
hailey on 06/27/10 08:07PM said: awesome game ever if ya'll get a chance try hallowen hunt two it is ddumb this game is better until the end when he asks you a question i got it wrong
your all gay homos on 04/27/10 12:01AM said: your all gay
juan on 01/7/10 06:38PM said: this game is borring f this
Alex on 10/12/09 09:17PM said: This is completely awesome, is pretty cool like my programming class has just started designing a killer pumpkin game to. It’s a form of space invaders. Keep up the good work.

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