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Scary Games to Play

The internet has all kinds of scary games to play for free online. is one of the biggest and best collections of playable scary games anywhere online. Most of the games are made in Flash, so you can just play them immediately without any downloads.

Here is a random sample of some of the best scary games to play here on

Haunted House - Wander through the scary haunted mansion and sewers avoiding black cats, skeletons, ghosts and ghouls and collecting the keys you need to escape. Choose from tons of costumes like the demon jester, witch, and pirate and check out cool Halloween decorations you can actually buy for your house. Play this scary game at your own risk!
Look Out Mr Johnson! - Mr Johnson is scared out of his mind by ghosts, but it's not your fault you turned into a nasty pink fanged horror when you died. All you want to do is guide him to safety from the other flesh eaters who are the meaner (and hungrier) variety of undead, but the only way you can save your friend is to use his fear to keep him out of harm's way. That and snacking on zombies along the way...
Nightmares - Broken Bone's Complaint - Broken Bones the Skeleton is in a bad mood and has got nothing better to do than to haunt you in your nightmares. See if you can get him off your case in this well animated and effect-filled game. Broken Bone's Complaint is Episode 1 of the Nightmares Online Adventure Game series. It's made for kids, but it's still scary and fun enough for adults to enjoy too!
Squirt Man - A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as have all life-forms. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible creatures. You too have been turned into a mutant, but with one notable difference; you have big guns and a funky slime powered jet pack unit! It's a battle for survival. You need food, the other mutants need food, and it's either you or them. Kill anything and everything that gets in your way and maybe, just maybe you'll get through the nuclear holocaust alive. Choose from your stash of weapons to kill the mutants. Each weapon gains XP points the more enemy you kill. Look out for power-ups after you kill the enemy, you're going to need 'em. Good luck!
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