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Halloween Games to Play at Home and Scary Games to Play at Parties

Ideas for scary fun games for parties or just to play at home - Click here if you're looking for online scary games to play

Scary Homemade Maze

A great scary game for kids to play at Halloween parties is to setup a scary maze at your house. Indoors you can use some old sheets, blankets or towels to make spooky tunnels in your hallway or through your kitchen or living room. Cardboard boxes are also great for outdoor mazes, and usually you can get a bunch of them for free if you stop by the customer service desk in the back of a store like walmart.

You can use chairs or card tables to drape the sheets over and pin them against the wall to hang them in place, or you can use thumb nails or actual nails if you don't mind the holes in your walls (make sure to get your parents' permission before doing this!). You can also tuck blanket corners into window sills and curtain rods or shut them into doors. The more secure the better, as kids will inevitably tug at whatever walls are put up, and you don't want the tunnel to fall apart.

Setup a strobe light or some black lights to add to the spooky mood. Strings of pumpkin or skeleton lights also make great effects and help light the way in darker areas and corners. Most stores have cheap halloween music/sound effect CDs that you can play, but don't play it too loud so you can hear if anyone needs help. Stay away from fog machine effects as they can get hot and can cause breathing problems, especially when the fog stays low to the ground and that's where kids will be crawling around.

Safety Tips:
Don't make dead ends or wrong turns in your scary maze, as you don't want kids getting lost, hurt or too scared. Just make a continuous tunnel that kids can crawl through in one direction or they might bump heads. Make sure to let kids know to go slowly and be careful. Setup ways to get to any point in the tunnel from the outside without having to tear it down in case you need to help someone find their way out. I don't recommend setting up mazes in corn fields unless you're willing to setup ropes and guide posts as kids can easily get lost in the field. Make sure there are no nails or other sharp objects on the floor as it will be dark and kids will be dragging their hands and knees across the floor.

When I was a kid I always loved setting up forts made of twigs or just a sheet over a table, and had a lot of fun at friends' houses both indoor with sheets or outdoor with cardboard boxes. Everyone is bound to have some scary Halloween fun setting up and crawling through the maze!

Check out more pictures of Daniel W's cardboard maze.

Scary Guided Dreams

For really late sleep over parties when we were starting to get pretty tired, I would have my friend close his eyes and I instructed him to relax his whole body and allow his mind to drift while still paying attention to what I was saying. This put him in an almost a hypnotic/dream-like state. Then I would tell a story in vivid detail and ask him to imagine each thing I described. Slowly my story would become scary until I was going into a full fledged haunted tale, and when my friend came out of it he was so freaked out. This is a fun thing to experiment with if you want to go the whole "late night scary stories" route but make it a little less cheesy and a little more pscyhologically damaging. >:]~
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